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Are you new to Immanuel? Would you like to know what we as Lutheran Christians believe?  Are you curious about what it means to a disciple, a follower of Jesus? Would you like a little “refresher” in your faith life?  First Steps (formally “The Basics”)  is a ten week experience where,  in the casual setting of a small group,  these questions and many others will be addressed. We’ll have an overall picture of our beliefs based on the Bible and practical application as to how to live out those beliefs as a disciple of Jesus.  You’ll meet some new great people, have fun, and get to know Pastor Schwieger and Deacon Dave DuBois a little better! (They’ve got a million stories!)

415 North Ninth Street

St. Clair, MI 48079

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What's next at Immanuel?

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Here at Immanuel, we strive to provide opportunities for everyone!

Adult Ministries

The Adult Groups and Classes here at Immanuel are ever changing with the needs of the community.

Youth Ministries

Youth Mission Statement: To disciple youth and guide them to serve with their head, hands and heart.

Children & Family Ministries

Here at Immanuel we meet the needs of our families and children from a modern perspective, built on the rock solid base of the Bible.

Early Education Center

Immanuel's Early Childhood Center is a place for young children to learn, to grow, to be loved, cared for, and to have fun.