Lent 2018

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Portrait of Jesus: to the Cross by the Numbers

The Bible has as its central theme the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus. The significance of the cross is the center point of all history and the oundation of our hope as Christians.

Interestingly throughout the Bible there are significant numbers that serve as "arrows" that point toward the events on Calvary and serve as teaching points for all of us during this Lenten season.

Join us for our Mid-week Lenten sercices, where we will gain a fuller picture of Jesus by looking at the cross by the numbers.

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Week 1  "70x7" Forgiveness

As we launch into the season of repentance called "Lent", we too must spend some time examining our own hearts and faith. Do we find ourselves going through the motions of a serious relationship with God without engaging our hearts? Imagine you were in a marriage or serious relationship and the other person only gave you a cursory conversation now and then. how long would you stay in that situation? How satisfying would you find those conversations? One of Satan's greatest weapons against us is complacency or apathy. Sure, I might be present in church on Sunday morning, but while I'm there, I'm more concerned about what the other worshipers think of me, what I might have for lunch that day, or how much I'm going to enjoy watching the big game that afternoon. It's easy to be sitting in church and be far from God all at the same time.

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Week 2 - "12" Following Jesus

Last Wednesday, we put the ashes of repentance upon our foreheads in rememberance of our own sin and need for a Savior. Now, instead of ashes, mourning and a faint spirit, we possess a beautiful headdress, gladness, and the garment of praise. Our minds, hearts, and bodies are dressed in joy and gladness becouse the Savior has come. Imagine hearing those words spoken by Jesus in the flesh 700 years later!

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Week 3 - "100:10:1" Found by Jesus

This week we will be thinking about the fact that we did not see our need for a Savior and go looking for Him. Neither did Jesus stumble upon our need and fill it. His arrival upon the earth as a Man was God’s plan before Adam and Eve were even created. God knew that He was going to have to solve the problem of our sin before He created anything at all. I’ve been asked at numerous Bible Studies why – why did God create us if He knew that we were going to mess things up? Why would He put Himself through that?

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Week 4 - "4" - Freed from Death

This week, we think about resurrection. Not Jesus’ resurrection, but the many people who were brought back from death whose stories are told throughout the Scriptures. There are several people brought back to life in the Old Testament, one of which was the Shunammite woman’s son.

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Week 5 - "7" Formed by God

We look back upon creation week with wonderment and rightly so for there is nothing on the earth right now compared to that time as we have been ruined by sin. God’s answer to that problem will come up in Genesis 3:15. But in the first few Words of the Bible, we see God’s power, majesty, sovereignty, and all-encompassing love. We were not a cosmic accident, created when conditions were absolutely perfect to birth a single cell that eventually grew into the world we know today. But instead, our existence is the result of a thought-filled creation, designed and made with love and intentionality. God created us to love us and to receive our love back. The perfection of the design cannot be overstated. He will have to step into His creation and save us from the sin that we invite into the world, but He also already has a plan for that in the Person of Jesus Christ.

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Week 6 - Foundation in Jesus

The following is a somewhat lengthy Bible Study on Genesis 3, but this chapter is so important, it deserves serious attention. As such, it is divided into two days of study. It does us well to read this passage of Scripture with regularity. We become used to the ways of Satan. He's so good at what he does that we tend to become complacent and immune to the fact that we are constantly being tempted by his cunning deceit.

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Week 7 - Finished

As we find ourselves heading into remembering the final week of Jesus’ life here on earth, we look back into the Old Testament and Moses’ words of admonition to The Children of Israel as he prepares to leave them in the hands of their new leader, Joshua. Deuteronomy is his ‘last will and testament’ to a nation that he loves and prays for daily. The

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