All in: Masculinity, Maturity, and Being a Man of God

Men's Breakfast with Matt Popovits


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"Real men aren't born. They're made. Maturity doesn't happen by accident and you can't go halfway. You need to make a choice about the kind of father, son, husband, and friend you're going to be. And then go all in." - Matt Popovits

Being a real man isn't about the kind of work you do for a living, the number of weeks you spend in a deer blind each fall, or the stories you can tell of glory days playing high school sports. No, true masculinity is something deeper. It's a set of attitudes, core values, foundation beliefs that flow out of us, and drive us to become more like Jesus. What are those attitudes? And how do I begin that journey - the journey of being a man maturing into the image of Christ?

Join Pastor Alan Schwieger along with Speaker & Author Matt Popovits as we spend the morning answering those questions and many more.