Vicar Christian Jones Update

Sharing the Exciting News

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Though we are far from coming up with the perfect name just yet, we are more than excited to share that we are welcoming our first child, a daughter, at the end of June. Krysti continues to remain in good health; and, the entire experience thus far has been fairly smooth sailing.

Both of us are simply amazed at how quickly time seems to be moving.  It does not feel that long ago that we received the news that we were expecting, but now we are over halfway through the journey. We simply cannot wait to meet our daughter, and I’m sure it will not take her long to wrap me around her little finger.

Honors Homiletics

I was overjoyed receiving the message that I was invited to join honors homiletics (preaching).

I feel that over the year one of my largest growths has been my comfort level in preaching. I have never had stage-fright by any means, but I have put a lot of pressure upon myself to bring the best quality sermons to the pulpit every Sunday (or Wednesday). For me, that means I have wanted what I have prepared to be 1) faithful to the text, and 2) directly applicable in lives of those who hear the sermon.

My general method for sermon writing takes usually serval days throughout the week. Monday mornings I will typically do my translation work with Greek and Hebrew. Tuesday afternoons, Pastor Jon and I will talk through any major thematic elements of the texts as we prepare our own sermons. Then Thursday mornings are usually the last part of the process, where I memorize all that has been prepared.

Even though I love the process and rhythm I have, I know that getting to take this class will without question illuminate the places where I need the most growth and equip me with means to address them, so that I can more effectively proclaim the Gospel.

Relief Work Continues

Harvey landed six months ago.

In those six months there has been a lot of aid and assistance; however, even the most conservative estimates say that it will take five years to get the Coastal Bend of Texas into a healthy place again.

On February 18th, I began my third (and probably final) trip down to Texas since vicarage began. Since my first trip, I have spent over an entire month of my vicarage ministering to those who have been affected by the disaster. This last trip was significantly different from the others though.

The first few were dedicated solely to immediate relief (mucking, tree removal, debris clean up, etc...); however, this trip we were able to begin rebuilding homes. This was

special to me because I was there on the very first LCMS Disaster Team sent to Corpus Christi. Because of that, I was able to personally experience the shift from relief to rebuilding.

There are many more areas that still need relief work before rebuilding can begin, but what joy it was to see God at work through the men and women with whom I have served in my time there.

It has been singlehanded the most meaningful part of my vicarage; and, I hope that it is a ministry I can continue down the road.

If you or your congregation would like to become involved in the relief efforts of the Coastal Bend, visit: