Cancer Ministry

Our ministry, with God's grace, provides support and encouragement for people affected by cancer.  This support comes through God's Word, prayer, information and personal interaction.

Monthly meetings are held on most second Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm

At our meetings we discuss a message from a reading or a DVD appropriate for cancer survivors. We have an opportunity to tell our stories and share our experiences if we feel it would help others deal with their cancer issues.

Information is shared to help you take control of your cancer rather than being controlled by it. We also encourage you to comfort and support cancer survivors outside of our group. We pray not only for each other but for our families and those who are alone in this trial.

What cancer cannot do... It cannot:

  • Invade the soul
  • Suppress memories
  • Kill friendship
  • Destroy peace
  • Conquer the spirit
  • Shatter hope
  • Cripple love
  • Corrode Faith
  • Steal eternal life
  • Silence courage

Cancer Relief Kit Update

Lots of really great things to share and report to all of you.

Just to remind you, we were having a very difficult time finding a source for the medicine that was affordable. Bringing this cost down was imperative to making us good stewards of the donations you all have generously given as well as a way to distribute more kits. Once again it is who you know that counts. First I prayed to God, who I know is in charge of this project, then He put me in the path of Jim Tunison. This new source is St. John's River District Hospital Pharmacy. Our connection with this source was made through the Renee Tunison Foundation, which has given most generously and is now sharing the cost of the medicine for the first year.

Kits have been assembled and are now being given out at the Chemo Education Classes. The girls there tell me how wonderful it is to have them. We are also giving them out at church to anyone who has a need or a friend in need. These kits have been well received and appreciated. God is Good.

God Bless you all and remember God does not comfort us for our comfort alone, but that we might be a comfort to others with the same comfort He gave us.

Mary Reese and the Cancer Ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church

Chemo Relief Kits

As you go through chemo, you have been told how important it is to keep yourself healthy. In you chemo information class you learned that keeping healthy means using over the counter medicines to keep symptoms under control. These medicines can be very expensive an knowing when to take them can be very confusing.

Because we know what it is like to go through Chemo Therapy, we have put together a CHEMO RELIEF KIT that puts most or all of the over the counter meds together in an organized and convenient kit so you can get relief from these symptoms.

Through the generous donations of Immanuel Lutheran Church of St. Clair, St. John's River District Hospital, The Reneé Tunison Foundation and the St. Clair Women's League, we would like to give you this kit at no cost to you.

For more information or to receive a kit please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to contact you.

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