Ministry Resources

Room Request Form - Complete and return this form to the church office. Please be sure to read all the guidelines for this form (form is 2 pages).

Event Promotion - Complete and return this form to the church office AFTER your Room Request has been approved.  Be sure to include your press release in the Event Details area.

Check Request Form - To be used when an ACTUAL check is Required. Return to Jim Biewer or the church office.

Purchase Requisition - When a Purchase Requisition has been approved it will be returned to the person initiating the request. When the purchase has been made and the requestor has all receipts relating to the purchase attached, the Purchase Requisition should be returned to the Business Manager for entry into the financial system and payment. If the requestor has already purchased the item without approval and has attached the receipt, the request should be given to the Business Manager but will not be returned to the requestor.  

Fundraising Event Application - Responsibilities and Guidelines for the Submitting Fundraising Event Application

1.    The Church Council must review, and approve or deny, all fundraising opportunities.

2.    All events must be considered according to the Mission Statement of Immanuel Lutheran Church and directives of the Church Council.

3.   Submit your Fundraising Event Application request(s) directly to your Ministry Director and to the Council Chairman. You may use the designated Ministry mailboxes in the Copier Room or email it as an attachment to your Ministry Director and Council Chairman. Contact the Ministry Director once submitted to alert them that this is ready for Council review.

4.  The Ministry Director must submit the application to all Church Council members at least one week prior to the regularly scheduled Council meeting.

5.  All applications must be approved by Church Council prior to the event, prior to generating any event materials, and prior to purchasing any materials or supplies. Always ensure sufficient time is allowed to submit for and receive Raffle Licenses, if necessary. For more information, go to or call the Michigan Lottery Charitable Gaming Division at (517) 335-5780. It can take up to 8 weeks for raffle approval from the State of Michigan.

6.  The Ministry Director is responsible for informing the applicant of the Church Council’s decision.

7.  After the event, a summary of the event must be submitted to both the Ministry Director and to the Council Chairman upon completion of the event. The Director will then include that summary in their monthly report to the Council. Use attached ‘Fundraising Post-Event Report’.

8.  The Church Council shall maintain records of all fundraising activities through reports submitted at Council meetings.