Don't You Just Love November?

There is a certain magnetism about this month…it’s filled with exciting things that gather families together for many reasons. Already there are plans being made for the celebration of Thanksgiving, plans to start decorating and cookie making. Perhaps you have assigned a date in November that you absolutely have to have the yard cleaned up and the patio furniture put away. (That would be me Nov.1 is THE DEADLINE DAY!) Maybe you are talking with family members and friends about where you will spend Christmas and making the airline reservations. November is a fun month.


My family members, like many others, are spread geographically all over the place. Each sister and their family, each son and daughter and their family, are making their own November plans as well. But among us, there is a common goal, a unifying theme so to speak. Though separated by distance and schedules, there is the awareness that time is a wonderful special gift from God, indeed precious and the moments that we can spend together are great blessings. And every moment is God directed and meant to be a gift that is celebrated. The Apostle Paul had moments like that. He said in his letter to Timothy, “I thank God whom I serve, as did my ancestors, with a clear conscience, as I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day” (II Timothy 1:3)

Schedules will get a little bit more hectic; the pace will begin to quicken with all the things that we want to do. The “To Do” list will get longer and yet, as November begins it’s ‘fast forward” theme, abide in Christ. Know that you are in His hands. Be aware of the needs of those around you, be conscious of the opportunities that God places in front of you to serve and love in the Name of Jesus.

Don’t you just love November?

God’s blessings to you as pick up the pace!

Pastor Schwieger