Mission In Action Raffle

October MIA Raffle - During October cards were raffled off each day. All cards have been distributed. There were 430 tickets sold which equates to $4,300. The fund raiser was very successful. This means that the $3,000.00 need for continuing construction of the Mission House in Guatemala has been received. The remaining $1,300 will be used toward other expenses for the Guatemala Mission Trip and to help the missionaries. All of the State requirements for our raffle license were followed and met.

Submitted by Claudia Hansen

Vendor Craft Show

The craft show was very successful with the number of people who come into the doors of Immanuel to browse and shop. This benefitted the crafters and the vendors. Most were extremely pleased with the outcome of the show and stated they would return should we continue this event. One of the crafters has come to church now two times!

I believe the craft show benefitted greatly with teaming up with the purse sale as we were able to direct people from both events to each other’s to help draw attention to what outreach projects of Immanuel. I heard comments about how great it was that we are so involved as a church. Several people even took the Christmas Child boxes that were in the Family Life Center entry to fill and bring back. (One lady took 6)!

The rolling screen in the FLC was going, so people were able to look and see what was going on and what was upcoming here too.All in all, I think it was a great way to bring people into Immanuel and let them see some of what we are to be about.Serving and caring for God’s people.

Submitted by Kathy Jelinek

Suzi Koch