Immanuel Lutheran Preschool Happenings

During November, our themes for preschool were Thanksgiving and Kindness. We wanted to teach the students to be thankful for what they have and show kindness by giving back to the community. The preschoolers and their families helped us collect food for the St. Clair Ecumenical Food Pantry. We also contributed to Operation Christmas Child by donating items, bringing in boxes, and filling over 100 boxes at the box packing party. At the end of November, each of the classes walked over to the food pantry to deliver their donations. The children were so proud of their efforts and gave a total of 295 pounds of food to the Ecumenical Food Pantry. We are very blessed to have such generous families at Immanuel Lutheran Preschool.

Preschool families were able to continue showing kindness as they supplied 19 pairs of pajamas to families in need through Immanuel’s Giving Tree.

In December our focus was on Jesus’ birthday. Each child made a special keepsake to help them remember the story of Jesus’ birth. The preschoolers made boxes called, “What Does God Want for Christmas?” The Pre-K students made a Nativity Box. Did you know that some children came to school this year not knowing who God is? Now, through daily lessons and songs, they are learning about the Bible and remembering names like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. It’s amazing how they have absorbed so much in such a short amount of time.

Recently, we received a message from a former preschool student’s mom, stating her daughter pulled out her “What Does God Want for Christmas” boxes, and together they retold the story of Jesus’ birth. During our students short time with us, our mission is to fill the kid's hearts with Jesus’ love, and we hope that after they leave us, they still carry Jesus with them and share His love with their friends and family. This year we are so blessed to help 116 children get to know Jesus. Some of these families are members at Immanuel, others have another Church home, and some do not have a church home yet. If you are here during the week and pass a preschool family in the hall, please give them a warm smile and hello. We like guests in our Church to feel welcome and comfortable here. It is always our prayer that the families that do not have a church home feel compelled to visit Immanuel for worship or any other church activity as well.

God’s Blessing for the New Year from the Immanuel Lutheran Preschool Staff

Nancy Young