What Do You Look Forward to in September?

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On August 16th I hosted “The First Ever, Yet Best Ever Ministry Team Fall Confab” in the Immanuel Room.  All of the Child Care Staff, Preschool Staff, Ministry Staff, Secretaries, and Church Council gathered for an evening of Mexican food, fun and connecting with one another.  Some who were there had never met one another; others have been in ministry together for years. 

Everyone sat at tables with other ministry groups other than their own.  While eating, questions were intentionally asked by the “table leader” that facilitated people getting to know one another.  Here is one of the questions, “What are you looking forward to as September approaches?  Why?”

Some people said they were looking forward to having their kids back in school…some were going to miss their kids because they were in school… some said they love the hectic schedules and all the added activities.  One person said they love the weather…things are beginning to change; another commented that they would miss the hot weather.

 “So Pastor, what do you like about September?”  I said, “I LOVE SEPTEMBER! It’s one of my favorite months!” The new ministry year begins, and things here at Immanuel are back to full throttle; a new sermon series, a new First Step class starts, Confirmation and Weekday School classes start, all of the Discipleship groups begin again.

In September vacations are usually done, people are back to worshipping regularly, and there are High School and College football games and the Lions, well, they will break my heart again, but that’s all part of September!

There is something about this month that says new beginning! So, may I encourage you to take a “next step”? There will be all kinds of things for you to try and experience… so come and enjoy September with us!