We'll Leave the Light On


In the world of marketing, advertisers seek to create that image, project that logo, and coin that phrase that will stay with people. Some call it their “tagline,” some call it their “branding,” but those pithy little lines have a way of coming to your mind while you shop, are hungry or looking for a car. If I would say, “Where’s the ____? You would recognize that even from the 80’s from Burger King’s “Where’s the beef”? How about “Finger lickin good” from KFC, or “America runs on dunkin” from Dunkin Donuts?

I saw one the other day on a TV commercial. The scene is a country setting, rolling grasslands, a long road stretching out into the horizon. And then there is a scene from a Motel 6 hotel. A southern male voice says …” No matter how long the day has been, no matter how far you have traveled, we’ll leave the light on for you. You’re always welcome, and you’ll have a great night’s sleep at a fair price.”

We’ll leave the light on….Jesus was the master storyteller, and he would often use illustrations or popular sayings to make a dramatic teaching point while addressing crowds of people. He referred to sheep and pointed out that He is a “Good Shepherd.” He talked about putting new wine into old wineskins and how impossible it was to have a camel go through the eye of a needle. People in Jesus ‘day could easily connect those images to their own lives.

In Matthew Chapter 5 Jesus talks about how we as disciples are to be like salt and light. (Matthew 5:13-16). In other words, we are to be with our love for Jesus among our friends as salt flavors a meal. We are to let the slight of our love for Jesus illumines a dark world. If we lose our “saltiness,” if we put our ‘light” under a bushel, it impacts our environment. When Motel 6 came up with that slogan, “We’ll leave the light on for you,” they wanted to convey a readiness to receive you as a guest. When we leave our light on, when we remain as salt, we are conveying to friends and family members that we are always ready and open to share with them what matters most to us and really to the world, that God loves them, God demonstrated that love for them in Jesus, He has a plan, and a purpose for our lives that is amazing…there is a peace that DOES pass all understanding!

May I encourage you to leave the light on? May I cheer you on as you remain like salt to your friends and family? Will you do the same for me?