Melody and I went to Austin, Texas recently to be with our daughter and son in law upon the birth of our first grandson. Benjamin Alan came into our world on March 15th, and he is a phenomenal blessing to his entire family. During the time that we were there, Lucy (Ben’s now big sister) must have had a million questions ( as most 3-year-olds do) about how to care for, feed, travel with, play with, read to, build for her baby brother. And most of her questions started with the word “Why?”

Now Lucy is a naturally curious child, filled with joy and energy, and always trying to understand how things work. But after a couple of hours of trying to answer the “why “ questions about everything from stars in the sky to why doesn’t Ben like peanut butter toast yet….a person (moi) gets a little …weary. Do you know what I mean?

I’m very thankful that our heavenly Father does not grow weary answering our questions. God, how could you love me so much to send Your Son to be my Savoir? God, how do you infinity give me grace and forgiveness after I sin so repeatedly? God, why did you choose me to be your child?

Easter Sunday is about proclamation! Jesus has risen from the dead. Death has been conquered! We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus, not because of what we have accomplished, but because of what Jesus has accomplished. Heaven waits for all who confess Jesus as their Savior.

And for all of our “why” questions our heavenly Father might answer them all up by simply saying, “Just because I love you” It’s not any more or less complicated than that…because I love you. That works for a while for Lucy…and it works awhile for us, but He never tires from hearing from us and never stops enjoying our thanking and praising Him for the love and grace that are found in Jesus!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Pastor Schwieger