Time to Renew


Here’s the scene: The Secretary of State’s office in Port Huron, Michigan. I need to renew my driver’s license.

The sign says there are 49 people in line in front of me.

I’m at the end of the line.

A woman is now waiting behind me. She’s # 50

Estimated wait time… 44 minutes.

Woman: Am I in the right line?

Me: Well, yes, if you want to show your paperwork to be assured you are in the right line.

Woman: Are you a teacher here in Port Huron?

Me. No, I’m not.

Woman: I thought you were a teacher. Are you in education?

Me: Well…no, I’m not with any school district

Woman: I thought I recognized you. Are you sure you’re not a teacher?

Me: Well, I teach, but not in the public schools…I’m the pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St Clair….And I teach and preach there.

Woman: My grandson has cancer. He was just diagnosed yesterday.

Me: I’m so sorry to hear that…

Woman: He’s being brave. He said to me, “Grandma, I’m not afraid of dying. If I die, I die, that’s it.

Me: That’s quite an attitude. Is your grandson a Christian?

Woman: I don’t know.

Me: Are you a Christian?

Woman: Sure I’m a Christian

Me: Well, I might suggest that you share with your grandson that God loves him and is with him and can be leaned upon during this tough time. Just remind him that you love him and God loves him even more. So much that He sent Jesus to be his Savior and that means that we can spend eternity in heaven as we believe in Jesus as our Savior

Woman: That’s it?

Me: Yup. Tell him I’m praying for him. And I’d suggest you invite him to come to your church with you, or come to mine

Suddenly the loudspeaker says: “Next!”

And all 50 of us take a step forward; we’re moving!

You just never know, when or where you’ll have an opportunity to tell people about what Jesus has done for you and the hope that we have. It can be quick; it can be short… but these discipling encounters are always God orchestrated.

Pastor Alan Schwieger