Preschool Completes Another Year.

This school year has flown by, and it has been quite a whirlwind. We had such a busy year, singing in church twice, the food pantry, Operation Christmas Child, field trips, band visits, and many Chapels with Pastor. The kids love Pastor, by the way; I am so impressed with how they remember his stories and antics. These kids have really embraced God’s word, and we know that they leave us with God in their hearts.
We are so blessed to have near full capacity for the next school year. Please keep the students, especially those that are moving on to public school, in your prayers, also please pray for our teachers here at Immanuel. Thank you for being a warm and inviting church family, when our preschool families visited Worship Services. Thank you for smiling and saying hello to the children when you walked the halls and thank you for your prayers. I pray that you will see some of these little ones and their families in our Worship Services in the future.

Preschool Director, Monique Cunningham

Monique Cunningham