Pastor Schwieger's Corner

The month of October is notable for many things…the leaves are changing; the air is cooler, the days are shorter, definitely characteristics of October.

The baseball World Series will be in full throttle, High School and college and professional football will be either in the midst of chasing a championship, or we have written off our favorite team and hope for better next season.

There are trips to the orchard and fresh apples and delicious warm cinnamon donuts with apple cider, warm apple pie, warm apple crisp….I can almost taste it!

Undoubtedly you have seen that advertisements and stores are already beginning to promote Halloween costumes and tons and tons of candy to be given out.

But I confess I’m a little different because these former things are nice in their way but of vastly greater significance is an event that happened on October 31st, 1517,  in Wittenburg, Germany,  where an unknown monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed  on the Castle Door a list of 95 theses or statements that he would like to debate publicly.  These statements were asking for discussion on items having to do with the Catholic Church at that time, and their practices of Indulgences that Luther saw were contrary to what Scripture said. To buy an indulgence meant that you could limit the amount of time the purchaser’s loved one would have to spend in Purgatory.  Luther pointed people to Holy Scripture and reminded them that God’s word says we are saved BY GRACE, THROUGH FAITH, and not by any works that we might do to tip the scale in our favor.

The writing of the 95 Thesis changed the Christian world and would forever characterize October.

Saved by grace, through faith with you,

Pastor Schwieger